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This is indeed India!

The land of dreams and romance,
Of fabulous wealth and fabulous property,
Of splendour & rags, of palaces and howels,
Of famine & pestilence,
Of genii & giants and Alladin lamps,
Of pigs & elephants, the cobra & jungle

The country of hundred nation & hundred tongues, of thousand religion
& two million gods…

The one land that all men desire to see,
And having seen once, by even a glimpse,
Would not give that glimpse for all the shows,
Of all the rest of the glory combined.

Mark Twain, 1887



FFA caters to showcasing the rich heritage, art, and culture across India. We invite people who are fond of experiencing cuisine (Indian gourmet), accommodation, heritage, art, culture, music, museums, pottery, textile, temples, and other endless things because India is the land of uniqueness, and you will discover something new with every mile you walk.

We organize heritage walks, Art tours, Expressive Art Therapy
workshops for mental equilibrium and destressing,lecture-demonstration on Indian art, craft, culture, Art educational program for schools, and other customized programs as per audience request. We also organize exhibitions and online marketing for marginalized artisans and languishing craft.

About Us

Foundation For Arts (FFA) is an organization that has been set up to create a better social existence in the immediate environment of several adopted clusters of artists/artisans and their families. Our foundation relentlessly strives to provide basic amenities like primary education through community schools, health and hygiene training, and skill enhancement programmes.
The foundation is actively involved in developmental projects for craftsmen and their families by attempting to provide a valuable platform to artisans where they can showcase their art and generate a fair income. The endeavour is also to further India’s rich cultural heritage by bringing forth the works of artisans and craftsmen under these development programmes.

Our organization lays special emphasis on the development of children, adolescent girls and women through various awareness programmes, providing them with opportunities to become self-reliant. 

Clay Pots

Patrick De Beyter 
Former Ambassador of Belgium

The Embassy has excellent relations with the Foundation for Arts and sincerely appreciate their contribution to society by working for the benefit of artists and artisans. 


Tinoo Joshi
Development Commissioner 

The Foundation for Arts has several young and committed people who are concerned about the cultural heritage of India. The Foundation uses techniques supported by modern inputs and still manages to maintain heritage value. 


Lady Plaxy Arthur 
Former UK High Commissioner's Wife & Educator 

It was a joy to see the skill and expertise with which the potters of Khurja and the stoner workers of Agra work. I hope FFA can continue its excellent work of educating the child artisan, and reviving the languishing art of ceramics. Two issues close to my heart. 


Sofia Blake 
Wife of Former U.S Ambassador

The Foundation for Arts has been working with a number of outstanding and highly acclaimed artists to bring their work and experience to traditional artisan communities working with stonework and pottery, FFA has been working with rural communities in ways that will allow them to create  products that are viable for world markets.

FFA in the news

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