The editorial content of the page will consist of:

1. Guest Column by an eminent artist or cultural exponent on global
views of how culture feeds on discourse on diplomacy, environment,
2. Preview of an important event. It could be the opening of an art
exhibition or the premiere of an art-house film.
3. Book Shelf: Review of a book-related to arts and culture.
4. Talking Heads: Artists and cultural personalities speak out on a
bread-and-butter or policy issue affecting them. This is very relevant in a
pandemic-like situation.
5. Inside View: Peek at an outstanding collection – it could be a
private art collection of rare manuscripts in a museum.
6. Market Insights: A survey of trends in the art market.

7. News in a Nutshell: Arts and culture news from around the world.
8. Interactive Corner for children
9. Through Foreign Lens: A view of contemporary arts and culture
from outside.

Posts Coming Soon
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E-magazineAugust 2021